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Plugin UAW ver 4.0.0 Readme
Posted by Plugin UAW on 14 November 2013 11:44 AM

This plugin interfaces with the UAW Pro product allowing you to receive free content from the UAW Pro community, purchase and automatically post original content for your blog and promote your site automatically with the Authority Builder/Niche Dominator tool within UAW Pro.  To Use of this plugin requires you to create a free account


NOTE: Plugin UAW 4.0.0 is an entirely new plugin and replaces the following plugins:

   - UAW Wordpress - Version 3.3.1 and earlier
   - Niche Dominator Wordpress - Version 1.1.3 and earlier
   - Origninal Content Wordpress - Version 1.0.5 and earlier

Upgrade Steps:

1. Sign into your site's Wordpress Administrator Dashboard

2. Select Plugins >Installed Plugins

3. Select each of the following plugins one by one and record their current settings

  • UAW Wordpress
    • 3.3.1 and earlier

  • Niche Dominator Wordpress
    • 1.1.3 and earlier
  • Origninal Content Wordpress
    • 1.0.5 and earlier

Note: Any settings will not be saved from the older plugins, so go to the plugin settings and write down your settings prior to deactivating.

4. Deactivate and Delete plugins prior to installing - Plugin UAW 4.0.0

Now that you have uninstalled your existing Plugins, its time to install Plugin UAW 4.0.0

Note: Future versions of PluginUAW will have an upgrade process.


Installation is simple. There are six steps:

1. Download the latest plugin installer here:

2. Sign into your site's Wordpress Administrator Dashboard and install the plugin.

3. Select "Add New" from the Plugins menu item and select the Upload tab.  Click the Browse button and select the file you downloaded in Step 1.

4. Click the Activate Plugin link and you will see a popup asking you to finish the installation process, click the link to complete your installation.

5. In the Plugin Control Settings, enter your UAW user name.  If you have not yet created a Plugin UAW account, click the link to create your free account.

6. Click the Save Settings button and your site will now be connected to our server.


To stop receiving articles from the UAW Pro community, navigate to the Dashboard > Plugin UAW > Receive Content page.  Unselect the Check this Box to Start Receiving Unique Articles and click the Update button.

To remove the plugin completely navigate to the Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins page.  Click the Deactive link under both the Plugin UAW and Plugin UAW Updater plugins.

Any articles and blog posts that you have already received will be preserved.


This script has security built into it. It can only be accessed by members who are logged into your Wordpress site with admin privileges, or directly by the Unique Article Wizard using a security token.


This version of the plugin allows you to receive media with the articles - thus making your website even more attractive to visitors.

Please note the following points:

1. Media are received by means of an embeded code within the article.
    This is then interpreted by the plugin when the page is viewed by
    a visitor, and the appropriate media is then displayed.

2. Images are downloaded and stored in your default Wordpress Upload

3. Audio and Video are NOT stored on your site. The plugin merely embeds
    some code so that they can be pulled from whatever remote site they
    are stored on (eg YouTube). This means that you don't use up any
    bandwidth for the audio and videos.

4. The Audio player that is used is a free mp3 player available for
    download at various sites around the web, including:


Please note that all articles that you receive through the plugin are copyrighted by the author. They do NOT come with private label rights (PLR) and may not be modified or altered (apart from simple formatting issues). They DO come with free reprint rights under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License (see for the full licence) and this should be made clear when you reprint the article.

The Attribution requirement of this licence is that all reprints of the article must include the author's resource box including visible live links (wihout rel='nofollow' tags) back to their site(s).

You are NOT permitted to hide or obscure, whether from humans or search engines, the author's resource box and links. You are, of course, permitted to display an extract of the article on other parts of your site provided that the extract includes either a live visible link to the full article on your own or the author's site, or the full resource box.

In many cases the pen name provided with the article will differ from the user's name used to set up his account on your blog. For reasons of privacy you are NOT permitted to display the user's name as recorded in his profile, since this would associate just one name with multiple articles submitted under different pen names. The only name that should be publicly visible is the pen name as provided with the article.

In some themes the display of the user's account name is the default, and is produced by the inclusion of the function: the_author() within the theme's template files such as index.php, single.php and archive.php. The plugin will automatically populate those functions with the article's pen name rather than the account holder's name. It is safe, therefore, to use those functions in your themes.

Failure to follow these terms of use put you at risk of being sued for breach of copyright. Furthermore, we reserve the right to suspend further submissions to any or all of your sites, and to retract content that has been submitted through our system.

Additionally we also reserve the right to remove an author's content at the request of that author.


Any questions, just check the FAQ or ask!  Any comments or suggestions, please let us know.



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